Having worked with hundreds of clients with body dysmorphic disorder and related body image disturbances, we understand that each individual is unique and presents with their own complex history that cannot be addressed with a generic treatment plan.

We approach treatment utilizing an integrative model and believe that it is imperative not only to address body image symptoms but also to identify underlying psychological, emotional, familial, psychiatric, and behavioral causes. Each client’s care is personalized to meet his or her needs and to ensure the best possible prognosis. Our staff has extensive experience treating body dysmorphic disorder and has consulted and received referrals from around the United States and the world.

Dual Diagnoses

The vast majority of individuals with BDD also have dual diagnoses.

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Frequently asked questions about body dysmorphic disorder and the clinic.

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Research Studies

Currently active body dysmorphic disorder studies by Jamie Feusner, M.D.

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