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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for body dysmorphic disorder involves multiple treatment modalities. Although individuals with BDD present with very similar symptoms, the etiology of their symptoms may be very different. Because of this, I need to be very flexible when working with body dysmorphic disorder clients. Although research studies have demonstrated that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an indicated treatment modality, I have found that CBT by itself is often insufficient when treating moderate to severe body dysmorphic disorder cases. Other modalities that I often include in conjunction with behavioral therapy include Interpersonal Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and trauma-based therapies. Because each client is unique, I utilize a holistic approach to treatment and adapt to the individual rather than a one treatment protocol fits all approach.

The severity of body dysmorphic disorder symptoms will determine the frequency of therapy sessions. Individuals who are functioning overall (are able to work, attend school, maintain interpersonal and intimate relationships, etc.) usually attend therapy one time per week. For individuals with more severe BDD symptoms and/or have active co-morbid diagnoses, an increased frequency of sessions is indicated.

If you are seeking weekly outpatient therapy for body dysmorphic disorder symptoms, please call 310-741-2000 or email:

Psychiatric Medication

Many individuals with body dysmorphic disorder benefit from treatment with psychiatric medication, as this has been demonstrated in open-label and controlled research studies. The psychiatrists that I refer to are experienced in treating BDD as well as related disorders and dual diagnoses. I do not require clients to take medications, and although it may be recommended, the final decision is always made by the client.

Dual Diagnoses

The vast majority of individuals with BDD also have dual diagnoses.

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Frequently asked questions about body dysmorphic disorder and the clinic.

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