What Is Your Success Rate?

Very high.

Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder who are motivated to improve their quality of life can most definitely reduce their BDD symptoms and achieve a higher quality of life. This includes a significant increase in school and work capacity, and most importantly, much improved interpersonal and intimate relationships.

Do You Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?


You probably have read the research data stating that cognitive behavioral therapy is utilized for the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder. Although behavioral therapy, specifically ERP (exposure and response prevention) is an important component of BDD treatment, one treatment modality does not fit every individual. There are some individuals who require more behavioral therapy, while other individuals may respond better with other appropriate therapeutic modalities. Behavioral therapy in itself, without the support of other psychotherapeutic techniques, is usually insufficient for long term BDD symptom remission.

Do You Treat Other Disorders Along With Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Most definitely.

In our many years working with body dysmorphic disorder, we have found that the vast majority of individuals with BDD have dual diagnoses.  As a result, we have found that it imperative to concurrently address these other ailments while simultaneously treating the BDD. Please see Related Disorders & Dual Diagnoses.

Do You Treat Patients Who Come From Out-Of-State or From Abroad?


The vast majority of individuals who participate in our Body Dysmorphic Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program do not live in Los Angeles. Many of our clients come from outside Southern California, from another state, or from abroad in order to receive specialized treatment from our team of BDD experts.

Where Do Patients Stay When Attending the BDD Intensive Outpatient Program?

Many of our clients who come from out-of-state or from abroad to attend our BDD Intensive Outpatient Program stay at AirBnB accommodations within walking distance of the BDD Clinic. For individuals who need a more structured or supportive living environment, we work closely with the transitional living facilities of The Camden Center Transitional Living Houses.

Is the BDD Intensive Outpatient Program Always 8 Weeks Long?

Not necessarily.

Although we highly recommend completing the full 8 weeks in order to achieve the best recovery prognosis, there are cases when a client’s symptoms are not severe enough to require all 8 weeks of treatment. When this is the case, we support them in completing the BDD Intensive Outpatient Program earlier than initially anticipated.

Do You Take My Insurance?

Yes and no.

If you are considering participating in our 8 week Body Dysmorphic Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program, there is a good possibility that your insurance can be utilized. We work closely with an insurance liaison who can answer all insurance and fee related questions regarding the BDD Intensive Outpatient Program.

For our Weekly Outpatient Program sessions, we are not in network with any insurance providers. However, upon request, we can provide you with a super-bill at the end of each month that in turn you can submit to your insurance company to petition for reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement you receive for out of network providers depends on your benefits and coverage.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Please call us at 310-741-2000 for all enquiries regarding fees for treatment.

Dual Diagnoses

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Research Studies

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