Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only treat the BDD symptoms or can I talk about other issues? When treating body dysmorphic disorder, it is very important that issues beyond the immediate BDD symptoms be addressed in therapy. In our experience, if issues other than the BDD symptoms are not acknowledged, the overall goal of BDD remission is compromised.

Can you cure my BDD? There is not yet a known "cure" for BDD, but with the proper therapy many people can experience a major reduction in BDD symptoms and live a much higher quality of life.

I am coming for treatment from out of state/country, so where can I stay? Although you are more than welcome to stay where ever you feel most comfortable, the majority of individuals who attend our BDD Intensive Treatment Program stay at the furnished Westwood Village Apartment Homes which is located 1 mile from the Los Angeles BDD & Body Image Clinic.

Can I join the BDD support groups? The BDD support groups are for individuals who have been treated in our clinic for several months, are progressing in treatment, and are motivated. We no longer accept patients from other programs or individuals who have not had sufficient individual therapy for their BDD symptoms.

How much does treatment cost? Although we do not disclose the cost of treatment via the internet, we can speak with you about this if you contact us at 310.741.2000.

Do you treat patients who come from outside of the United States? Yes. If you are coming from outside of the United States and are interested in our body dysmorphic disorder intensive treatment program we still require you do participate in the 1 hour initial evaluation that can be completed either by telephone or via Skype, which ever you prefer. We require this of everyone interested in participating in our intensive treatment program whether you are from the United States or are coming from abroad.